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Welcome to the official website for Generation E 2017, a technology conference to be held in London, England.    

Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore, London 
April 28th 2017


#GenerationE aims to tackle the issues that will most impact the way the next generation will work and live and to provide a space for the rising generation of entrepreneurs, technologists, and business leaders to meet and share ideas.

Who Are We?
For the first time, ​​​​London Business School, The University of Cambridge and Oxford Entrepreneurs are joining forces to host #GenerationE, a student-run tech conference in central London.
To bring context to the biggest challenge facing our generation: the pace of technological innovation and its impact on business, government and civil society.
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Key Topics

Our conference theme is “Everyone, Everywhere”: the Internet and new technology have made the world more interconnected than ever before; however, the scale afforded by these technologies has brought about unanticipated consequences.


Technology is opening up new markets and consumers and providing greater access to professional and educational opportunities. At the same time, online platforms are giving rise to greater social divisiveness; the consolidation of large companies has diminished competitiveness, and governments have used technology as tools for control at times. We’ll explore these topics and how the next generation can tackle these challenges in the rise of new capabilities.    
The Rise of New Capabilities

The next generation must come to grips with the power of new technologies and capabilities including IoT, VR, AI, cloud computing, and big data. All are already in use but the full potential power behind them is yet to be realized. These technologies have the promise of making businesses more efficient and responsive, information search more seamless, and consumption easier than ever before.

In their creation of new consumer and business opportunities however, could these new technologies ultimately force us to change the way we live or the careers we want to pursue?

Are these technologies forces of positive disruption or potentially of destruction?
The Internet:
A Platform for Inclusion or Partisanship?

The scale of the Internet and social media have made the world much smaller. They have enabled greater access to and sharing of information and allowed people from around the globe to connect with one another. The erosion of geographical barriers may have led many to believe that ideas of racism, sexism, and extremism would ultimately disappear. With recent elections and terror attacks around the world, it has however become clear that social media is, in fact, a place where these extreme ideas can flourish.

How might we respond to this dichotomy as members of these platforms?

Should we form principles for how users should interact or must we keep the Internet a place where all ideas and opinions can be shared?
Technological Change:
Economic Opportunities for Everyone?

The Internet and new technologies have seemingly opened up new markets and consumers to businesses and provided greater professional opportunities for individuals. Western governments hail the technology sector as the engine of their economic growth and emerging economies see their populations’ access to the Internet as a vehicle for social progress. At the same time, technological change has come at the expense of traditional industries and their surrounding communities. Government budgets remain strapped when it comes to job training programs and many businesses are opting to pursue cost-saving technology instead of manual labor. How might recent events such as Brexit and global elections be a reaction to technological change? Is there a path forward that ensures technological innovation is inclusive and creates economic opportunities for everyone?    


#GenerationE will bring an array of fantastic speakers together

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The conference will utilise the innovative Hiver networking app:

Hiver is a smartphone app that enables event attendees to make the most of the time they spend networking. It uses advanced geolocation technology together with powerful analytics to identify and automatically remember each interaction the user has (which is great if their prone to forgetting names) so that they can connect with people and follow up effectively.

Analytics are offered to event organisers who can use the anonymised insight about attendees to effectively manage and market their event so that both sponsors and attendees have a great event experience.

Valerann will be present at Generation E 2017

Valerann is a start-up company dedicated to solving our most pressing transportation challenges. Their plan is ambitious: to create roads that sense, communicate and react to the world around them and are ready for the age of autonomous vehicles. Valerann uses innovative road safety devices to provide ground-breaking solutions to the unresolved problems of today’s and tomorrow’s world of transportation.


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Contact & Location.

Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore, London
 SW7 2AR
Email: contact@meetgeneratione.com

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